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Upcoming EFEPR
conferences and schools

9th EFEPR Summer School 2023

The School will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, September 3-9, 2023.

XIIth EFEPR Conference 2024

The next EFEPR conference will be held September 8-12, 2024, on the CNRS Campus Joseph Aiguier in Marseille, France.

10th EFEPR Summer School 2025

The EFEPR Summer School 2025 will take place in Manchester, United Kingdom, in early September 2025.

Upcoming other
Magnetic Resonance conferences

Please find information about other upcoming magnetic resonance conferences on the webpage of Groupement AMPERE.

Past EFEPR conferences and schools

8th EFEPR School 2019
Brno (Czech Republic), November 18-25

XIth EFEPR Conference 2019
Bratislava (Slovakia), September 1-5

7th EFEPR Summer School 2015
Berlin (Germany), August 24-31